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Report: individuals: death causes without names (including frequency)

         Description: Personen: doodsoorzaak zonder namen maar met frequentie

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# cause_of_death total
1 a car accident one mile west of Salem, MO 
2 a cerebral hemmorage, from a horse kicking him in the head 
3 a cerebral hemorrhage caused by hypertension 
4 a dizzy spell and fell into a fire; died from burns 
5 a fall down steps, had either a heart-attack or stroke, died of kidney failure 
6 a stoke with senile dementia 
7 accidental gun shot in head 
8 Acute Endocarditis 
9 acute enteritis 
10 acute nephritis (infamation of the kidneys) 
11 acute nephritis with pneumonia 
12 albuminuria (a kidney disease) 
13 an abcess in lower lobe of left lung 
14 an accident 
15 an accident at Pace Construction site near Columbia, MO 
16 an accident caused by being thrown from a horse while riding behind her Aunt Peggy 
17 an accident due to falling in bathroom at the city hospital 
18 an accidental injury from fall and old age 
19 an auto accident 
20 an intestinal problem 
21 aortic insufficiency 
22 apolexy, myocartitis, and arterio sclerosis also edema lungs 
23 apoplexy 
24 apoplexy due to arterial sclerosis and chronic nephritis 
25 apoplexy due to high blood pressure 
26 apoplexy with Nephritis Interstitial 
27 apoplexy, causing almost instant death 
28 appendicitis 
29 appendicitis and pneumonia 
30 arterial hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, and bronchopneumonia 
31 arterial sclerosis 
32 arterio sclerosis 
33 arteriosclerotic vascular disease which caused cerebral thrombosis 
34 baby would not take nourishment 
35 being killed near Gale ford 
36 birth defect, intestinal 
37 brain cancer 
38 brain fever 
39 breast cancer 
40 bronchial pneumonia 
41 bronchial pneumonia (acute) 
42 bronchial pneumonia due to bronchial asthma 
43 bronchitis and paralytic stroke 
44 burns 
45 burnt to death 
46 cancer  10 
47 cancer of eye and nose 
48 cancer of the stomach 

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