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# Person ID Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date (A living individual is linked to this document - Requires login to see details.) note Tree
1 I3323  ADAMS  Adaline  15 Feb 1818  18 Dec 1888  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #82500462 
2 I3150  ADAMS  Alexander  24 Oct 1822  14 Oct 1898  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #81174078 
3 I3184  ADAMS  Alexander  15 Mar 1892  25 Mar 1893  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #82501270 
4 I1233  ADAMS  Amanda Florence  6 Mar 1876  7 Mar 1965  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #85983280 
5 I6049  ADAMS  Andrew J.  24 Jan 1864  4 May 1865  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #32220773 
6 I824  ADAMS  Blanche  22 Sep 1904  30 Dec 2000  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #87497596 
7 I759  ADAMS  Buford  13 Jul 1816  22 Jan 1892  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #81194372 
8 I3161  ADAMS  Buford Hamilton  1858  13 Jan 1900  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #81211872 
9 I3324  ADAMS  Caroline  10 Jul 1832  31 Dec 1881  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #82501578 
10 I590  ADAMS  Catherine  24 Apr 1803  19 Nov 1890  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #120651088 
11 I4477  ADAMS  Charles Jefferson  16 Aug 1893  22 Jul 1980  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #32220862 
12 I4479  ADAMS  Charles Jefferson  13 Jan 1924  11 Sep 2002  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #32220884 
13 I3322  ADAMS  Chinesa  28 Dec 1819  10 Jul 1892  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #82503250 
14 I3174  ADAMS  Chinesa  22 Sep 1887  3 Sep 1888  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #81212175 
15 I523  ADAMS  Coonrod  1770  1835  It was also noted that "Grandfather Adams" was of German descent. 
16 I523  ADAMS  Coonrod  1770  1835  FamilySearch.org, ID LD5B-NT9 
17 I523  ADAMS  Coonrod  1770  1835  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #115324689 
18 I515  ADAMS  Elisha  20 Aug 1871  25 Mar 1938  Elisha Adams worked on the railroads. His employment took him to Eureka, KS, where he met his future wife, Cora Meyers. Cora was only 14 when they were married. On the marriage license Elisha stated that his given name was Richard and claimed his age to be 29 years.

Sometimes during the 1920's, Elisha was sent to the sanitarium in Norton, KS, for tuberculosis. At this point in time it was taboo to have someone in your family come down with TB, so people would try to hide the fact. Elisha's family told everyone that he was sent to the sanitarium because he was mean and abusive. Apparently this was far more acceptable than admitting one had TB.

His wife, Cora, soon remarried, although it is questionable whether her and Elisha were ever divorced. Elisha died from TB several years later. His death certificate lists his birth date as 8/20/1868. If this was Elisha's true birth date, he would have been almost 37 years to Cora's 14, when they were married. 
19 I617  ADAMS  Eliza Ella  12 Oct 1880  18 Apr 1964  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #82311784 
20 I592  ADAMS  Elizabeth  1806  10 May 1878  She was represented by a mark on the census for a female between the ages of 30 and 40 in the household of George P. Kitchens 
21 I592  ADAMS  Elizabeth  1806  10 May 1878  She was recorded in the household of Christopher Reynerson. The members in his household were:

Christopher Reynerson, age 38, male, born in Kentucky
Elizabeth Reynerson, age 44, female, born in Kentucky
Coonrod Kitchen, age 15, male, born in Missouri
Margaret Kitchen, age 12, female, born in Missouri
Andrew J. Kitchen, age 11, male, born in Missouri
Polly Ann, age 9, female, born in Missouri
Sarah F., age 7, female, born in Missouri
Susan E. Reynerson, age 1, female, born in Missouri
Mary Adams [Elizabeth's mother], age 78, female, born in North Carolina 
22 I592  ADAMS  Elizabeth  1806  10 May 1878  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #81639970 and 82503752 
23 I592  ADAMS  Elizabeth  1806  10 May 1878  Andrew Jackson (Dick) Kitchen was the son of George Kitchen and Elizabeth Adams. Dick (Bushwhacker book) married Martha Ellen Mace Edgar, March 31,1867, the daughter of Henry Mace and Elizabeth Black. Dick and Martha had a little girl who died after eating too many dried apples. She is buried at the Renaud Cemetery.

Oral family history says Dick and others fought the North as bushwhackers instead of putting on Southern uniforms. They destroyed government supply wagons at Beaver Creek, south of Rolla and around Edgar Springs and also gave food back to those people from whom the army had taken it.

At the conclusion of the war all Southern sympathizers were to be pardoned, but the one in charge of Missouri said, "No". This area put out posters for Dick Kitchens, Anthony Wright, Bill Wilson and Jim Jamison.BILL went to Texas, Anthony to Louisiana, Jim was later pardoned and became a Texas Ranger.

After the war Dick was hiding in a cave east of Edgar Springs (where Highway H crosses Little Piney). Dick's mother's home was at the foot of the hill that leads to the Mitchell Cemetery. Sergeant Jim Samples and the Home Guard came looking for Dick. Dick's half-sister Bett, age 16, would slip out at night and take him food. Samples and his men caught her and tried to make her reveal where Dick was. She wouldn't, so they hung her from a walnut tree by the house. They shoved her mother into the house, chained the door, piled straw up to the front door and set it on fire. When they let Bett down, she said, "Now I didn't tell you, and I never will!" Then they hung her again. The second time, she was turning blue. By then Dick had gotten there with his guns shooting. The soldiers ran off. Bett had rope burns on her neck for many years. Dick said he could have killed them all, but he didn't want to kill anyone.

Another time Samples and his men came to Coon's (Dick's brother) home and took him up on a ridge to kill him if he didn't tell where Dick was. Coon thought the only thing that saved him was that John Samples, Jim's father, came. He was a Baptist preacher. He preached in a coat that had a bullet hole in the back. He walked stooped over. They asked him how he got that way. He said, "From dodging Bill Wilson's bullets." He had a crease on the back of his head from one.

Martha Ellen's mother was very sick. (She lived where Bud Arthur's farmis now located.) Dick went there to help sit up with her. Samples found out where he was and brought the Home Guard after dark. They fired two bullets into Mrs. Mace's pillow. Dick told his relatives to blow out the light and get on the floor. Dick saw the glint of a gun barrel and went out with both guns firing. He killed Samples and wounded some other. Dick escaped on his horse.

The soldiers went up to Uncle Antnie's (Dick's brother) at 2:00 in the morning to make him haul Samples's body home. He hauled the body with ateam of oxen and wagon. John Samples thanked him for bringing his boy home. Somebody asked Antnie if he didn't hate to haul him. He said, "Only thing I hate -- I didn't have a full load."

Dick was freighting and was at a blacksmith shop in Evening Shade, Arkansas. He had to shoe his horse. He took off his guns and hung them upon the bellows. He didn't have enough horseshoe nails and while getting them, someone shot him in the back with his own gun. He is buried at Evening Shade.

Martha's farm was where Roy Davidson's farm is located today. Martha later married Tom Kepler. She is buried in Renaud Cemetery.

Dicks's uncle, "Piney Bill" William Adams was kept awhile as a prisoner during the Civil War because authorities accused him of harboring bushwhackers in his home.

Submitted by Connie Davidson 
24 I606  ADAMS  Elizabeth  16 Jun 1830  Jul 1919  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #81527024 
25 I1366               
26 I771  ADAMS  Emmett T.  26 Dec 1881  17 Sep 1883  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #82501720 
27 I1332  ADAMS  Emry  8 Oct 1902  27 Oct 1907  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #32727888 
28 I506  ADAMS  General Lee  21 May 1895  Yes, date unknown  An alternate birthdate has been recorded as"Sep 1894" by World Family Tree, Vol. 58, Tree 14. 
29 I506  ADAMS  General Lee  21 May 1895  Yes, date unknown  Last known residence believed to be Evans, Weld Co., CO. 
30 I796  ADAMS  Gertrude Viola  31 Dec 1898  6 Sep 1985  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #65236054 
31 I3139  ADAMS  Glen P.  1922  9 Jan 1987  Plot: Evergreen lot 161-1 
32 I3177  ADAMS  Hamilton Thomas  20 Sep 1892  21 Oct 1972  lot 04A-21 
33 I6372  ADAMS  Henry      Son of John Adams 
34 I587  ADAMS  Henry  27 Jan 1792  18 Oct 1852  in the War of 1812 
35 I587  ADAMS  Henry  27 Jan 1792  18 Oct 1852  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #81179673 
36 I498  ADAMS  Henry Harrison  29 Oct 1902  13 Mar 1974  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #6225070 
37 I503  ADAMS  Henry Morgan  1870  13 Sep 1923  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #6226758 
38 I604  ADAMS  Henry Staton  15 Mar 1879  17 Sep 1947  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #77604850 
39 I726  ADAMS  Henry Wilson  24 Aug 1852  21 Nov 1932  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #27959694 
40 I753  ADAMS  Ida Elizabeth  21 Dec 1878  27 Sep 1942  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #82559499 
41 I3425  ADAMS  James "Riley"  1876  1920  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #33026279 
42 I605  ADAMS  James D.  15 Sep 1840  26 Sep 1881  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #32221419 
43 I508  ADAMS  James S. Malone  21 Sep 1892  25 Jan 1895  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #33029021 
44 I614  ADAMS  James Walter  11 Aug 1878  12 Oct 1907  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #32221389 
45 I2968  ADAMS  Jerry Allen  1875  1948  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #33641394 
46 I3317  ADAMS  Jessie G.  Sep 1899  23 Jan 1980  Plot: Evergreen lot 149-3 
47 I4488  ADAMS  John Arthur  27 Nov 1883  27 Nov 1883  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #32221482 
48 I611  ADAMS  John H.  22 Aug 1868  27 Nov 1952  FindAGrave.com, Memorial #32220458 

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