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Yancy Mills School
Yancy Mills School
(L-R) Top row: Teacher Tony Kitchen, Rossit Richerson, Ralph Richerson, Myrtle Harris, Marian Brown, Grace Harris, James Marsh, Pearl Arthur, Earl Jones, Pearl Jones, Frank 'Pipe' Huskey.
Row Two: Bernice Harris, Richard Fore, Vergie Arthur, Ralph Bell, Gladys Huskey, Anvil Adams, Mabel McManus, Clarence Fore, Mabel Harris, Tartan Collier, May Brown.
Row Three: Frances Huskey, Alva Brown, Mary Collier, Jennie Huskey, Ivy Huskey, Jack Fore, Grace Gibson, Mildred Woolsey, Claude Adams.
Front Row: Lid Huskey, Mabel Harris, Ding Huskey, Thelma Huskey, Lora Brown, Helen Brown, Elsie Harris.

Tart Collier (my grand-uncle) looks like he's holding a chocolate donut!!

SOURCE: Private photo collection of Martha Kult 

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