KK's Family History

The KULT and LAWHORN branches of this family tree are from my Dad's side. They were mostly farmers from the Southern Illinois area. There's currently six or seven generations represented for each branch.

The CASE and COLLIER branches of this family tree are from my Mom's side. They were mostly from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri... in fact, we have pretty deep roots in "them thar Hills of Mizerra", as my Granny would say. Yep, that means we've got pretty much a Hillbilly background. The CASE side also has been traced back to England. I have about eight generations on the COLLIER side, and ten generations from the CASE side.

Thank you for taking a moment to check out my Family Tree. I've had (and am STILL having) loads of fun "treasure hunting" for documents and information about our family, and I hope you enjoy perusing this website!

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